Malloreddus Pastificio dei Profeti
Malloreddus - 500g

Malloreddus - 500g

Pastificio dei Profeti
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Malloreddus are also known as the “Gnocchetto sardo”, this pasta is medium-sized or small depending on the area of Sardinia in which it is made. The Malloreddus made by Il Pastificio dei Profeti draws its inspiration from the Southern part of the island, where it is larger and thicker with deeper grooves that retain sauces more.

To ennoble the quality of “raw materials” Il Pastificio dei Profeti relies on preparation methods that are based on the ancient pasta-making tradition: the pasta mix is soft but elastic, it is bronze-drawn and then dried slowly at a low temperature.


  • Light color
  • Delicate flavour
  • BIO


Pastificio dei Profeti is located in Capoterra, 20km far from Cagliari.

The ethos of Pastificio is solidly grounded in the spirit of fair trade, respect for the environment and the rights of its workers. And this is why they have decided to devolve part of the profits to humanitarian and social projects.

Dedication, passion, craftsmanship and carefully selected premium quality organic semolina. These are the main ingredients of their bronze drawn and slow dried pasta.
The  logo reflects their values, and the packaging is suggestive of the quality and taste of our products.