Selezioniamo la migliore pasta italiana e la spediamo in tutto il mondo per un'alimentazione migliore

The outsiders


Handmade rolled pasta, this format is hand crafted just as it was at the beginning of the century by the skilfull hands of Sicilian artisan. The format is made rolling pasta over a straight twig. It allow definitely the ultimate taste.

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Small masterpiece of pasta, elegant and unconventional. The profile remind a flower. Perfect for a tasty sauce, it's the secret of the succes of many Italian Chefs and restaurant. Produced in Sardinia by Pastificio dei Profeti. 

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Torcette is a format created by Pastificio Baradello located near Como Lake, the profile is similar of a profile of a torch. Very delicate shape similar to penne but with a different texture thanks to the overlapping of two edges.

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"Knowledge is knowing what pasta is. Wisdom is choosing the finest one..."