Spaghetti Turanici - 500g
Spaghetti Turanici - 500g
Spaghetti Turanici - 500g

Spaghetti Turanici - 500g

Mancini Pastificio Agricolo
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Spaghetti Turanici are produced from Turanicum durum wheat cultivated directly by the company.

Turanicum wheat is a durum wheat subspecies.

The agronomic classification is Triticum turgidum subepscies Turanicum, commnly known worlwide as Triticum Turanicum. The variety originated in the Khorasan region (north-east of Iran) and its cultivations are present in the Mediterranean basin and also in Italy, but in modern times they have been lost because of low yeld. This wheat is characterised by the following features: large ear, often with long black awns; big and extended grains; strong and tall plants; excellent tillering capacities. These last characteristics make the turanicum durum wheat varieties particularly suitable for organic cultivation.

Since 2006, Prometeo in Urbino -in collaboration with Oriana Porfiri, an expert cereal agronomist- has evaluated different turanicum wheat lines, in particular n. 17 and n. 38, organising a production chain, from seed to the initial transformation of the milling process.

The result obtained by the union of this semolina and water is an earth colored pasta with a marked scent of wheat.


  • Earth colored
  • Pronounced smell of grain when cooked
  • Consistent with chewing
  • Intense taste


Pastificio Agricolo Mancini is located in Monte San Pietrangeli, a small village near Macerata. The wheat is cultivated directly by Mancini Family in their 373 hectares. Since 2001 the company has hadopted the GAP (Good Agriculture Practices), a set of rules for an eco-friendly management of agricultural activities to produce a quality product.