Spaghetti - 250g
Spaghetti - 250g

Spaghetti - 250g

Pasta Negri
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This type of spaghetti is made from Durum wheat.

It began as a single-ingredient pasta line so that the selection of durum wheat semolina was the most important challenge for the factory.

Pasta Negri durum wheat is grown and fully ground in Italy respecting the biological standards.

The semolina obtained from that grinding is characterized by its high protein content, for the intense yellow hue but above all, for the toughness of its proteins, that is the resistance to cooking; for that reason it is perfect for the production of top quality pasta, special pasta and the one used for catering (which undergo pre-cooking).

Semolina is hydrated with the water coming from the natural sources Duse and Moiane.

Pleasing the differ length of the pasta, emblem of the artisan process. They are laid by hand on wooden frames and left to dry for 24 hours.

Is recommended to cook in a lot of water to permit the movement of the pasta.


  • Intense yellow colour
  • Evident roughness
  • Real Wheat flavour and taste
  • BIO
  • Rapid cooking time


Pastificio Negri is located in Chiuro, a village among the Valtellina mountains.

In the heart of the Italian Alps, the founders Francesco and Maria, can rely on the purity of water and the more suitable environment for this type of production. Furthermore, the excellence of raw ingredients and the great care used in the production process allow to obtain a high quality pasta. Nowadays they follow the traditional ways of pasta making but they apply the latest technologies and take into account the nutritional needs. At the same time they preserve the essence of artisan pasta.

Pasta Negri is conceived as a work of art which takes shape in the laboratory in order to give the consumers a great range for creative preparations.