Caserecce BIO Pastificio Baradello
Caserecce BIO Pastificio Baradello

Caserecce Senatore Cappelli - 500g

Pastificio Baradello
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Characteristics Caserecce BIO Pastificio Baradello


Caserecce BIO is a typical italian format, is made with Senatore Cappelli durum wheat semolina and water.
This type of wheat is less refined compared with common durum wheat and more digestible thanks to the lower gluten content, it contains a good percentage of protein, fibres, amino acids, vitamins and minerals.


  • LIght colour
  • Good flavour
  • Evident roughness
  • Consistent with chewing
  • BIO


Pastificio Baradello takes his name from the hill (and tower) located near the Como lake. Is an artisan company that specialises in the production of high quality dried pasta.
The company provides its customers with a selection of shapes produced exclusively with very fine raw materials to satisfy the needs of the most demanding palates.
They work with passion, dedication and experience to guarantee you an excellent product.

AVG Caserecce BIO