Spaghetti Feudo Mondello
Spaghetti Feudo Mondello

Spaghetti - 500g

Feudo Mondello
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Characteristics Spaghetti Feudo Mondello


Spaghetti are made with Sicilian durum wheat, the stone grinding, the bronze dies drawing and the slow drying at low temperatures retain the golden colour, the scent  and the unique color of the Sicilian durum wheat.

This type of spaghetti are 50cm lenght and mantain the U shape of the drying process on the shelves, for this reason is important cook them in a lot of water.

Ideal for those who want to taste the real flavour of wheat. The low content of carbohydrates and sugars is suggested in case of low carb diet and diabetes.


  • Earth colored
  • Strong smell of wheat
  • Consistent with chewing
  • Intense taste
  • 50cm Lenght


The Agosta Family have been farming with skill and passion the 670 acres of Feudo Mondello in the Belice valley since the mid 1800s. Feudo Mondello is an artisan pasta factory using a natural stone mill to transform the durum wheat into pasta.

AVG Spaghetti Feudo Mondello